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27nov7:30 pm11:00 pmThe SouthmartinsA Perfect 10!Event Type:Live MusicBOOK HERE


03dec8:00 pm11:00 pmBeat the Gong: Christmas Special with MC Matt ReedEvent Type:ComedyBOOK HERE

03dec8:00 pm11:00 pmLivewireTHE AC/DC SHOWEvent Type:Live MusicBOOK HERE

04dec8:00 pm10:30 pmThe Young'unsEvent Type:Live MusicBOOK HERE

09dec8:00 pm11:00 pmJohn BishopRight Here Right NowEvent Type:ComedyBOOK HERE

10dec8:00 pm11:00 pmCatch-22 Comedy Club Christmas Specialwith MC Matt Reed, Omar Abid and John Fothergill. Full line up tbc.Event Type:ComedyBOOK HERE


28jan8:00 pm11:00 pmCatch-22 Comedy ClubWith Peter Brush, MC Hammersmith, Seeta Wrightson and MC Matt ReedEvent Type:ComedyBOOK HERE


11feb7:30 pm10:00 pmJason FoxLife at the Limit Event Type:Spoken WordBOOK HERE

11feb8:00 pm10:30 pmSindhu VeeAlphabetEvent Type:ComedyBOOK HERE

19feb8:00 pm10:30 pmJason FoxLife at the Limit Event Type:Spoken WordBOOK HERE

24feb7:30 pm10:30 pmAl Murray - The Pub LandlordGig For VictoryEvent Type:ComedyBOOK HERE

25feb7:30 pm10:30 pmChris RamseyLive 21/22Event Type:ComedyBOOK HERE


04mar8:00 pm11:00 pmRob BeckettWallopEvent Type:ComedyBOOK HERE

12mar8:00 pm10:30 pmGlenn TilbrookEvent Type:Live MusicBOOK HERE

19mar8:00 pm11:00 pmSeann WalshBack From The BedEvent Type:ComedyBOOK HERE

30mar7:30 pm10:30 pmHeather Small - The Voice of M PeopleEvent Type:Live MusicBOOK HERE


07apr7:30 pm10:30 pmRuby TurnerEvent Type:Live MusicBOOK HERE

08apr7:30 pm10:30 pmRachel ParrisAll Change PleaseEvent Type:ComedyBOOK HERE

11apr7:30 pm10:00 pmJosh WiddicombeBit MuchEvent Type:ComedyBOOK HERE

21apr7:30 pm10:00 pmEd GambleElectricEvent Type:ComedyBOOK HERE

24apr7:30 pm10:00 pmSusie Dent presents The Secret Lives of WordsEvent Type:Spoken WordBOOK HERE

27apr7:30 pm10:30 pmJason ManfordLike MeEvent Type:ComedyBOOK HERE


04may8:00 pm10:30 pmJack DeeOFF THE TELLYEvent Type:ComedyBOOK HERE

05may8:00 pm11:00 pmAn Evening with Simon And Oscar from Ocean Colour SceneEvent Type:Live MusicBOOK HERE

25may8:00 pm11:00 pmJosh WiddicombeBit Much...Event Type:ComedyBOOK HERE

26may8:00 pm10:30 pmDylan MoranWe Got ThisEvent Type:ComedyBOOK HERE


23sep8:00 pm10:30 pmMaisie AdamBuzzedEvent Type:ComedyBOOK HERE


26oct7:30 pm10:00 pmLevison WoodThe Art of ExplorationEvent Type:Spoken WordBOOK HERE


04nov7:30 pm10:30 pmJason ManfordLike MeEvent Type:ComedyBOOK HERE

25nov8:00 pm11:00 pmOmid DjaliliThe Good Times TourEvent Type:ComedyBOOK HERE